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Remember when you could take out your dad’s car and take a girl to a drive-in movie? The American drive-in theater has become a nostalgic experience that seems to be going extinct in mainstream America. In the last ten years we have seen a shift in how we watch movies, and even watching a DVD or a Blue Ray even seem to be pretty retro. But some things hopefully will always be part of classic Americana, including the classic drive-in movie. In 1933 Richard Hollingshead was credited with patenting the first drive-in in New Jersey. By the 1960s there were over 4000 drive-ins across the U.S. Now there is ONE last surviving drive-in theater in operation in Arizona.


Image of West-Wind Gilbert 9 Drive-In

The silver lining to this tear-jerker is that you can catch a flick at this lone survivor any week you want. The West Wind Glendale 9 drive-in has all the classic trademarks of the American drive-in with all of the newest movies and technology as well. The West Wind chain also has locations in Nevada and California with the same nostalgic experience.

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