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The Car Wash has been a piece of Americana for almost as long as the automobile itself. Since the first commercial cars were driven off the lot, Americans have been washing them and treating their transportation as a status symbol with a sense of pride. The first car wash had a series of pulleys that were manually pulled through an assembly line where attendants washed the cars by hand. This was a low-tech solution but was a pioneer for the car washes that we have today. By 1940 the first automatic conveyor car wash was in use in Hollywood California. This was a large improvement to the manually pushed cars before it and moved the cars automatically through the assembly line.



In 1946 a man named Thomas Simpson invented the first semiautomatic car wash that used water sprinklers and a 50 hp air dryer which took out most of the manual labor. Then in 1951 the Anderson brothers; Archie, Dean, and Eldon created the first fully automatic car wash in Seattle Washington which was hands-free and had automatic brushes, nozzles, and dryers. These automatic washes were the forerunners of the car washes that we see today. Later on throughout the ’50s and 60’s the chain and commercial car wash became popularized by Dan Hanna throughout the northwest. Today it seems like the automatic car wash has always been here and seems that the DIY washes are getting harder to find. So whether it is by hand in the driveway or through a fully automated robot wash, keep that vehicle clean and protect it with a new dash cover from Dashcovers of Arizona today.