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1. Check the Tires
Tires are one of the most important parts of your car. They can be the difference between a safe ride and your last ride. Neglecting your tires can lead to worn or even bald tires reduce braking and handling as well as cause blowouts. Check for air bubbles or ruptures along the tires. This could be a sign of broken belts inside the tire. If you see uneven wear or wear bars, it might be a good time to replace the tire. Last and probably most important is keeping an eye on your tire pressure throughout the hot summer months. Heat expands the air and fluctuates the tire pressure, sometimes dramatically the hotter and longer the drive. Check your tire pressure often and take into consideration high heat fluctuation.


2. Keep it Cool, your Coolant that Is
Make sure to check your coolant mix and level. The radiator tank should be full and kept full throughout the 110+ degree summers we have in the Valley. Next, you should check the coolant mix. Most auto part stores have a coolant tester that you can use. This will test the water to ethylene glycol ratio and determine if it needs to be adjusted for the best cooling.

3. But is It Tinted?
In the Phoenix area, we know that temperatures are already record-breaking and either painful or expensive to drive in. The bright sun is oblivious the source of this heat and is piercing into your car creating a greenhouse effect. Getting your windows tinted is a great way of cutting this heat down inside your vehicle. Now while there is some legality when deciding the amount or (darkness) of tint that you choose. Many states have laws prohibiting darker shades of tint that make it impossible to see into (limo tint). Even just a slightly darker shade can help to lower temperatures in your vehicle by cutting down on the light (heat) taken in.

4. Protect Your Dash
An easy and inexpensive way of protecting your car’s interior and electrical components is to install a quality dash cover on your dash. This will protect your electrical components, interior upholstery, and stereo protected from heat and ware for years to come. You can order a quality custom fit dash cover from Dashcovers of Arizona right here today.