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Upcoming Winter Car Shows

Winter Car Shows | Colder weather and holidays mean that winter car shows are here!

Haunted Arizona Halloween Drives and Locations

Haunted Halloween Drives and Locations

8 Tips to Car Buying with Confidence

There is a lot of information out there. We help you narrow it down and pick the right ride at the right price. Here is 8 car buying tips that will help you shop with confidence.

Back-to-School Car Safety Checklist

Back-to-school car safety checklist to protect your car through the summer.

Great Arizona Drives to Escape the Heat

Scenic and challenging drives to take throughout Arizona to cool off.

Drive-In Theaters Still Exist

Do drive-ins still exist? We found one right in your Arizona backyard.

The Car Wash Through Time

The HIstory of the Car Wash in America

How to Maximize Value of your Vehicle: Wax On

Take care of your care and protect it from the inside and out. Find out tips and more at

How to Maximize Value of Your Vehicle: Gas Milage

Use these tips to maintain your vehicle’s value and protect it’s over the years. Find out tips and more at

4 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool this Upcoming Summer

How to keep your car cool throughout the hot summer.

Our Promise of Excellence

With over 30 years in the business, Dash Covers of Arizona has been dedicated to customer service and protecting your car’s dash. We are family owned and operated and based in the heart of Tempe Arizona. Dash Covers of AZ has a dash cover for every vehicle that will protect and add beauty and value for years. Order or call today and see how we can protect your vehicle.